New to Church?

I’m new to church … what should I expect?


Well, hopefully a warm welcome for a start!  When you arrive someone will greet you, help you to find somewhere to sit and make sure you’re ok.  Most people like to say hi, especially to a new face so you may have a few people come up to you to welcome you.

Our meetings are hosted by a leader who will gather people together and introduce the morning.  We then like to spend some time with our focus squarely on The Lord.  Our worship teams lead us in sung worship and help people to encounter God as we turn our affections to Him.  We usually take ten minutes or so sharing news of things happening in the life of the church and highlighting upcoming events. Our 50 or so 0 – 18s usually go off to their sessions at this point and the adults remain in the main space to hear an inspirational or challenging message from the Bible.  We often leave time for personal response and prayer after the talk and then close the meeting with a blessing for the week. People then stay for coffee for between 15 minutes & 2 hours! We catch up, meet new people and share what’s happening in our lives.

If you would like more information or to speak to someone about coming along please call us on 01803 864577.