We are a church family of people who live in Totnes and the surrounding villages. Our aim is to grow in our relationship with God and to share our faith in Jesus with our friends and neighbours in this community. We love worshipping God together and experiencing the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

What’s Our Vision? 

Many years ago God gave this church a vision based on the story of the Cave of Adullam in 1 Samuel 22. There, David draws together those who were in distress or in debt or discontented. They subsequently became mighty men, all 400 of them. Consequently, this church has been a place of refuge, a place where many have found healing and wholeness through a new understanding of the Father’s love, a new relationship with Jesus Christ and a new anointing of the Holy Spirit.

 We also know that the Lord tells us to Go! To share The Good News in this community – on the streets and in our homes. And we love to disciple new Christians and see them grow up to become mature followers of Jesus. 



What’s important to us?

 We believe that the local church is not an organisation but an organism… it’s constantly growing and changing. As members of ‘the body of Christ’ in this place we want to grow in our love for God and our love for each other. Here’s how we do this:

  • Relationships are very important

In becoming part of Totnes United Free Church you’ll be joining a family. In good families people love, nurture, support, and keep in close contact with each other. We will encourage you to make good friendships within the Church as we meet together on Sunday mornings and as we see each other during the week. We also have a number of small groups – Mission Communities-  which meet in various homes in and around Totnes.

  • What God says to us is all-important

We’re a people who believe in the authority of the Bible and believe that it’s God’s Word to us today. Each Sunday there’s a talk which is Bible-based and which aims to apply what God is saying to our lives.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to the Church and that He enables us to become more like Jesus. God speaks to us by His Spirit and we encourage everyone to use their spiritual gifts and to hear what God is saying to His church.

  • Worship is important

As we meet together on Sundays and in our small groups we want to focus on Jesus: it is His death for us on the cross that gives us new life. Bring your worship to God, express your love for Him and enjoy a new intimacy with Him. We encourage everyone to take part in these open times of worship.

  • Prayer is important too

We’re a family that prays together… on all sorts of occasions and quite spontaneously. We believe that this is  two-way communication with our Father, and that He hears and answers our prayers. Pray together in Church, in homes and on the streets!

  • Discipleship is important

The “flock” is another way of describing the Church – and flocks need good shepherds. As you commit yourself to this church we will want to offer you pastoral care. Your Mission Community will certainly look after you, supporting you and giving you help and encouragement. In addition we may offer you 1:1 discipleship, or a discipleship course with a group of new Christians – helping you to grow in your faith. We may also encourage you to spend time with members of our Prayer Ministry Team. In turn you may then be able to reach out to other people, sharing God’s love with those in need.

A Brief History

There’s been a Baptist Church here since 1877. Today we’re still part of The Baptist Union of Great Britain; we are a Link Church of Ichthus Christian Fellowship; we enjoy good relationships with other Christian churches; and we’re members of the Evangelical Alliance. But first and foremost we’re a group of Christians who live in and around Totnes.