At TUFC we are passionate about our young people and their walk with faith. With a growing youth movement in our church we aim to make Jesus relevant and accessible to our young people, equipping and inspiring them with testimony, Scripture and prayer. We believe that our young people are the Kingdom Builders to come and that their walk with Jesus is vitally important to the spread of the Gospel.

On Sundays we facilitate more intimate groups where the young people can bring their questions, focus on God’s Word and pray together. They get a chance to speak openly, in a safe space, about their struggles and successes. They know they will not be judged or laughed at. Instead, they will be cared for, supported and built up. The young people are split into two groups, Rock Solid which is for school years 6 to 8 and Omega which is for years 9 to 11+. However, we also look at the individual to see where their needs would be best met.

As a church we also believe that God and community isn’t just for Sunday but that we need to be inspiring and gathering together during the week. On Thursday evenings we run ‘Connect’ a group for years 7- 11. We gather together to have fun, make friends for life and get a word from God. Below is the next half term’s Thursday programme. We also run a College Connect group on Tuesdays which is for years 12-13. It’s a smaller group where Sixth Form students can come together to encourage each other, lead their own Bible study and grow strong, meaningful and life-long relationships.

If you ‘re interested in joining us on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday please email our Youth Worker, Becky Haywood.